My Bid For A 4 HOur Work WeekI have been reading The 4 Hour Work Week By Tim ferris the last couple of weeks and seeing as my productivity has dropped since I have had dengue fever I have decided that its time I slowed down some what.

However, doing less work for me is not about making less money, in fact its the very opposite its about making more money for less effort. I can sit in front of my laptop for 12 hours a day but I am not going to achieve a great deal because I am physically not always working.

So this week I have implemented a few of the things that Tim has outlined and I am already seeing a vast improvement on my productivity. I no longer check emails every 10 mins I don’t go to my forums every hour to catch up on posts.

My email is set to send an auto response saying I will only be checking mail at 12:00 and 16:00 if its important then call me. This means that I can actually focus on the tasks that are important and do them in priority order rather than trying to keep on top of “everything”.

When I was plastering full time I still managed to run my online business effectively because I knew that I only had 2 hours to get things done, and even though I work online full time I don’t actually want to be sat in front of my laptop for 40 hours a week.

Yes I am pretty flexible, last week I decided I wanted to take a week off and I did, I just got my out sourcers to do a bit more and I just handled the important tasks, which in reality was the thick end of nothing as everything can be put off.

So we shall see how this pans out…. So far every week I have worked less and got the same amount done as the previous week which is not too bad… so in theory I should be doing a whole lot less for a whole lot more cash.

So going off subject a bit, but I had a phone call from my bank manager and if I ever saw a chap work so hard to ensure his customers were happy then Mark is the guy! He phoned me to tell me that he has me another SEO client which is pretty awesome. Mark has seen what my capabilities are when I get my hands on a small business and he has already done the pre selling for me.

So that hour long meeting with mark a few months back is already paying off and hopefully we can find a few more clients like this as this is really mega money. In fact its most likely going to take me to my next earning goal.

You may think its funny or odd that I am taking on new clients when I am trying to do less work and in reality I prefer affiliate marketing but the truth is I cant say no and the only real work I am going to have to do is attend a meeting (wearing a suit…. YUK!!) and find out what is needed and then go and build a plan for my team of out sourcers to follow and then I just have to get the wheels in motion and it all works :-)

That’s all I have to say today, not that exciting but still I can be bothered to write much more :-)

Danny Cutts