Great Product Creation IdeaIts been a while again since I posted, I have been battling dengue fever and this last week has been tough been pretty ill today and my head has been all over the place. So I have been resting and taking it easy.

However I have been working on a new business model and it involves using CPA and product creation, its been been a long time since I created a digital product in fact my early days online I was creating digital products for money and they sold OK, but now I am doing things a little differently.

I found a pretty competitive niche using Market Samurai the other day and I could not resist buying the keyword rich domain name and getting started. I needed an ebook which I could give away on the subject and after a few hours of searching I discovered there was nothing around.

So I downloaded around 50 PLR articles on the subject and printed them all off and started highlighting what I thought were important and good facts. Once I had done this I then got my trusted note pad out and then sub headed it.

I then re read all the articles putting the points in the sub headings and suddenly I had a layout for an ebook on how to cure my problem.

All I have to do now is expand out each point a few graphics and affiliate links and its done… This at first has taken me a long time maybe 3 hours but I now know exactly how to do it.

Its simple and probably not rocket science or even a new method but I only worked it out this last week…lol

I have put to one side building Amazon and ebay shops for a few months while I work on my new CPA strategies as I have found that the few CPA sites I do have are making a lot of money and for the effort I am impressed with the CPA results.

Danny Cutts