Making money at 10 years oldWhen I was growing up my parents had a fair bit of money not massive amounts but we were not poor. I always wanted something whether it be a new pair of trainers or a radio control car.

My parents did their best but I just didn’t get what I wanted, it was annoying and because of the area I was bought up in my friends parents were all businessmen with massive houses and if they wanted an new bike all they had to do was ask.

My friends didn’t really understand why I couldnt have my new bike or the trainers I had would only get changed when there was not another foot left in them.

So when I wanted something I had to think how can I get it? Which is a great lesson even to this day. The first thing I wanted was a joystick for my commodore 64 which came from my uncle I need £10 I think and that was a lot of money seeing as I only got £6 a month pocket money it was going to take two months to raise the money by simply saving… this was not an option!!

So I started door knocking offering to wash cars, I worked out that if I washed 5 cars at £2 a car I would have enough money. So started door knocking door after door, for hours I was knocking on doors then result someone said yes I was so happy.

The first car I washed was the best feeling it took me two hours to do it and the person was happy (so would I have been for £2) I raced home to tell my parents of the success. They laughed saying you need to wash a few more to make any real money.

The following day I was up at the crack of dawn and knocking on doors I had 3 more cars washed that day. I was over the moon, however my parents mentioned that I had been using their car shampoo and it needed replacing so I said I will by the next one…..happy I was going to need to wash two more cars to pay for the shampoo.

So at a young age I had started to realise how to get customers and fulfil a job and buy stock….ok it was only a few cars but that was the beginning of something.

Once I had finished washing cars in the village and it was not a massive village I had enough money to buy a joystick and an extra game I was soo happy and I felt like RIchard Branson. I soon established a few customers that would have their cars washed each week and it kept the pocket money topped up.

Danny Cutts