In the early hours of Monday and I am playing with the international football markets, and that was pretty good in fairness and made a tidy little profit, and a 3 am finish was not planned, but worth it I think.

Monday and Tuesdays were meant to be the days that I have a rest from Bet Angel and trading. However, seeing as I am sat in front of the screens anyway I just kinder turned on bet angel and thought I would just see what the markets are doing and just “dabble” as and when I see something.

A Nice Profit For Today

Right so lets talk about today, I did not turn on my screen capture software until the 8th race as I was busy working on another project and was only half-halfheartedly trading but everything seemed to work in my favour so figured I should share this with you.

The horse markets were a little sketchy and a bit up and down but I kinder seem to know this now and expect it and every trade bar a few I was getting and out of without actually thinking, and it was almost a natural thing. I felt natural and calm and when a few losses did come they were not massive but a couple I let run off a little longer than I should have done. Yet some of the bigger wins would have been better if I was a little quicker at clicking.

However considering all that and today was not meant to be a day trading and Monday being a “donkey day” I think a profit of £18.49 is not bad and yes that is mainly to my football trades but none the less I was using bet angel to profit so I think that still counts.

Once again Tuesday is also classed as a donkey day, so I will have the screens running, and if I see something that takes my fancy, I will run with it and see.

I hope you are enjoying my updates and videos and thank you to everybody that is following me on youtube and commenting as this really is motivating.

Today’s Stats

Football Trading

Traded 6 Markets
Football Profit/loss £13.72

Snooker Trading

Traded 1 Markets
Snooker Profit/loss -£0.24

Horse Racing

Traded 16 Races
Won 12 Races
Lost 4 Races
profit/loss £5.01

Overall profit/loss £18.49