Chat RoomIts been a while since I last posted I have been mega busy and still recovering from dengue fever which is just sapping energy out of me at the moment. I can fall asleep at the drop of hat which is quite worrying especially if I want to drive (which I am not).

So what have I been doing then?

Well I have been doing quite a lot of networking really, just getting involved with a lot more chats online and especially in the internet marketing circles. Its one of my new years resolutions and that is to do more live chats and discussions using a web cam and mic.

I have been attending the every friday for about a year now and I have made some great internet friends and have made some good contacts but not only that I have learnt a lot of information which is now making me some extra money which is always noce.

Friday Night Chat or FNC has now evolved to and on a Wednesday pretty all day there is a chat going on. George Sepich who started the site has asked a number of pretty well known marketers to do an hours show each week and the topics range from local business marketing right the way through to copywriting.

I don’t have a show yet as believe it or not I am actually quite shy in that respect :-( however I do now take part quite a bit and get on the mic quite often :-)

However these live chats are a great way to get involved with other marketers businesses and I got chatting to another marketer and we are actually doing a product together now. I am not going to go into too much detail about what we are doing as I want to make sure that its a viable product.

So moving on from that I have been learning how to use Camtasia studio the last couple of days and this is actually pretty easy, for a software that can do so much the learning curve is easier and literally in a couple of hours I new how to do what I needed and now I am flying.

Its also the first time I have ever heard my own voice and I have to say I think I have quite a good recording voice. I am thinking now that if I don’t get time to write a blog post I may do a quick video instead so you can get to see my ugly mug :-) Either it will work very well or I will lose readers but either way it will help get me use to being in front of a web cam.

Today as I write this post I am sat in my uncles office as I am just bored of my home office at the moment and because my whole business is home based I now don’t have to leave the house to do anything so that’s pretty scary and I often find that I don’t leave the house for long periods of time so part of this years resolutions is that I get out and about a bit more often.