I have been trading all week and to be honest I have enjoyed it but as always I have been going in play and yesterday I laid two winners which was savage on my betting bank. The worst thing about it is the way it feels afterwards. especially if you take away the losses and wins from going in play and realise that actually you are better off still trading pre race.

Well today is Tuesday and I decided to be savage and strict with myself and so I created a servant that greens up at in play and then to be sure I created another automation bot to green again after a minute. This way if I decide to go in play then it will catch me out.

Also I was reading another trader that puts an elastic band arounds his arm and if he does something silly he plucks the elastic band mega hard and it stings like fuck but it reminds you that you should not do it.

So how did I do today trading Horses Pre Race?

As you can see a whopping £3.97 profit.. I know you are ecstatic with joy… Ok so you can get up off the floor now and start looking properly. I traded 13 races and only had 2 losers on that so 11 winning races. Not too bad at all and I did not have to click the band at all.

I was waiting for strong moves and I was using £5 liabilities and generally just waiting and reading the horse racing markets. I have been doing this nearly 2 years now and i have and watched and traded 1000s of races so I should really be in a strong position to be making daily profits but going in play all be it is great when I am on the ball it only takes one fuck up and it rips a massive hole in your betfair account and the emotional rollercoaster is purely brutal so that is it i am seriously not going in play anymore.

The hardest part of trading is keeping your head in the game but as you can see I am still here trying my hardest to make this work and I will never give up