That Is The End of That Then

After yesterdays losses i thought that my automation bot was going to die but I was deep down hoping it was a glitch. Well today was not any better, in fact it was worse. I can honestly say I am a little confused and lost as to why but I can say that this bot

100% Strike Rate Betfair Horse Automation

After the last fewbdays of my Betfair horse racing automation bot going rogue I made a few tweaks and have set it to only offset the lay bet by 3 ticks. Reducing the tick offset it reduces your  profit but increases your strike rate and i was expecting a little loss today but i was

Another day of losses

Well it is another day of losses 1 too many horses came in to win which made me a losing day... I am starting to think that this current Betfair bot is not going pass the test of time... £3.09 down on the day but I am not sure What else to do.... I could

Greyhound Bot Did Well

Today i spent the day on my motorcycle travelling up the motorway to my home town and so I left my Betfair greyhound bot to do its thing and also the horses Betfair bot to do its thing also. As you can see the greyhound automation bot did really well today but still losing a

The Patent Success Racing System

The patent success racing system is guaranteed to produce some sort of return on your money almost every time.  Ok I will admit that sometimes the returns are less than the stake money, but at other times your returns on a basic £14 bet will be well into three figures which do make me open

Could Have Been Better

Today I am still trading the evening markets and I was doing pretty well then I got slapped by a £1.36 loss and then I kinder just lost my way and fumbled through the markets then just making stupid mistakes and hanging on to trades that I should have binned off. I was letting the

In Play Needs to Stop

I have been trading all week and to be honest I have enjoyed it but as always I have been going in play and yesterday I laid two winners which was savage on my betting bank. The worst thing about it is the way it feels afterwards. especially if you take away the losses and

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