I got off to a slow start and I was knackered, but I am keen to keep my screen hours up, and I am already not trading on the weekend and also a few days next week so really wanted to hit today running.

Day 11 Big Tick ProfitI am still using £3 stakes and to be honest, it is boring the hell out of me… It’s nice to see me not losing as much, but it is really beginning to bore me to tears, and I mean like really bore me. I actually fell asleep while waiting for another race to get near the off. So I decided to up the anti and use £10 stakes and Christ I have not fallen asleep again. It makes it a little more interesting and well it is a small motivating factor.

As I write this I am trading the Chelmsford City 20:40 and it is going pretty well. But with one eye on the screen and one eye writing this, I know that I am going to become a full-time sports trader at some point in my life, and I am hoping that in the next 12 months I get on my way to that.

Day 11 Profit and Loss

However, so far I am losing every day which is not a great way to try and earn £50K in a year but with every penny lost there is a lesson to be learned, and I am trying to make every penny count.

Todays total loss was of -£3.87

There have been lots of comments on our youtube channel about the time I enter a trade and the consensus is that I am getting in too early before there is any real money in the markets which make them volatile and it does not take much to swing the trade in the wrong direction with only a small amount of money.

I am trying to take on all suggestions and advice, and if every day I can take one thing onboard I will be on course to do ok. The challenge continues, and it is certainly proving to be a real challenge