I have been struck down by the good old man flu and like any man it hits you hard. Women can only imagine the suffering we go through when we get man flu. However, I wanted to still keep my head in the markets so I have battled on today and it started poorly.

The first race of the day I backed a horse, and as soon as I backed it, my PC decided it was time to switch off, and a do a restart, I kid you not I was swearing and shouting at the damn thing. I fired up the Mac and did my best to try and get out of the trade before it went in play but I was too late, and I lost £20. I was gutted, but I did my best to put it at the back of my mind.

I traded hard through out the day, and I managed to get back a lot of the £20 back and at one point I was only £4 short of getting a profit, and I was then pushing hard to get a profit and then the £14.40 loss hit me hard, and I have to say I felt sick but I was at this point pretty sure I was not going to be able to trade my way out of this but I wanted to give it my best shot and I think I did ok but I was fighting a losing battle.

Betfair Horse Profit

Betfair Horse Profit

So ending the day on a £23.72 loss was not what I wanted, but it what it is and I have also proved that I could trade its just I need to try and get out of losing trades quicker and then stay out. I seem to dive in lose a bit and the try and chase those losses and every time I do that I lose more money.

Looking over my Horse trades today I traded 36 Races and lost ten but won 26 which is not bad I think… I am winning more than I am losing, but I seem to lose more money. If I were to take out that £20 loss at the start then things would not have been too bad, and I would probably have finished the day in profit, but it is what it is.

Today’s Stats

Football Trading

Traded 10 Markets
Football Profit/loss -£0.35

Horse Racing

Traded 36 Races
Won 26 Races
Lost 10 Races
profit/loss -£23.37

Overall profit/loss -£23.72