Horse Racing Betting Systems

The Mini Midas Method

Here is a neat little system which I have used in the past to generate some pretty good daily profits. You need to identify the four smallest non-handicap races of the day (meaning those handicaps with the fewest runners) and arrange them in time order. Your selection is the favourite in each race.

Stake 1 point on the favourite in the first race. If it loses stake 2 points on the favourite in the 2nd race. If this also loses, stake 3 points on the favourite in the third race. If the first three favourites lose, stake 6 points on the favourite in the final race. Stop betting for the day as soon as any one of your horses wins.

A “point” can be any amount of money you feel comfortable with. Many beginnings bet with 50p or £1 points. More experienced players who have already built up a bigger betting bank betting bet in £10, £50 or even £100 points. All that matters is that you fix your points beforehand and stick to it.

Going Dutch

If you want to increase the frequency with which you win at horseracing, consider using the Dutching strategy. The Dutching strategy is to bet on two or more horses in the same race and to stake accordingly to the odds available so that whichever horse wins returns a set amount.

For example, if you want to bet on two horses were the first is offered at odds of 2/1 and the second is offered odds of 5/1, you could place £10 on the first horse and a £5 on the second. If the first horse wins, your total return will be £30. If the second horse wins your total return will be £30 also.

The Dutching strategy is very popular for professional gamblers-especially on reliable first and second favourites, and it isn’t hard to see why. More selections in each race mean more winners and much shorter losing runs, a perfect combination!

Super consensus system

Here’s a strategy for picking winning horses and all you need is access to several professional tipsters, such as those who provide analysis for major newspapers. On your race card, look at every horse which won its last race. Now tally up how many of the tipsters are of the opinion that it will win again. When you have done this for all the races on the day, you simply select the horse which is tipped by the most tipsters.

You now have one horse to bet on. This horse has already proven it can win, and the consensus among paid professional race analysts is that it will do so again. Not all super consensus system bets will win, but you will be surprised just how effective this little strategy can be over the medium to long term.

Small fields generate big profits

Why do most people lose at the racetrack? Is it because they are poor students of form? Is it because they don’t know how to manage their money? Is it because they bet according to hunches rather than facts and statistics? It could be all of these things, but the main reason why people lose at the racetrack is that they bet on every single race.

What the fastest ways to improve your performance when betting on horse racing is it only bet on the smallest fields, that is, on the races with the fewest runners. The logic of this approach is simple to understand. The fewer horses in the race, bigger chance each horse has of winning. Couple this statistical fact with sound form study, and by betting only on small fields, your strike rate could easily double overnight.

Follow The favourites

By far the easiest way picking winners, in any event, is to throw the form book out the window and take the odds as your guide. Decide on a specific staking strategy that suits your pocket and then bet on the favourites. Of all strategies, following favourites is most ideally suited total beginners who are keen to make money was they study the finer points of professional betting in more detail. That said, it’s a winning method which all betters even high rollers can benefit from. Not only will following favourites give a good strike rate most the time, but if the staking strategy used is sound, then the approach can also generate big profits. Of course, it isn’t the most complex method of betting, but as you will quickly learn, complexity isn’t always a good thing.