I thought making money online was easy what with the success of ‘Fruit Machine Riches’ but it was just not the case. I had in fact stumbled on a good product and because I had written it from my own experiences it was unique and the sales page was very simple and not like other normal sales copy. This is why it sold not because I was a god at writing or a genius at sales I was just lucky.

After many attempts at trying to copy the success with other eBooks from different backgrounds ranging from property eBooks to sex eBooks I was struggling to find sales. I was now buying ebook after ebook and trying to make a living.

I was buying courses on how to make money online and none of actually told me anything I didn’t already know they would just say, if you sold 10 eBooks at $7 everyday you would make $70 a day, $490 a week, $1960 a month, $23520 a year, and thats with only with one product, just imagine the possibilites if you had 2, 3, or 10 bla bla bla.

The trouble was I believed them. I didn’t really look into how I was going to sell these amounts I knew it was possible but I just couldn’t see how it was going to be done.

I soon discovered the Warrior Forum and started asking questions a lot of questions in fact and I started to share my findings and I soon began to realise that I was out of my league by a long way. These guys new how to produce good looking website good sales copy and products that sold I could not really do any of the above and decided that now was a time to start learning from the beginning again.

I however didn’t give up it took a lot of time up and my friends thought I was nuts and was scamming old ladies out of money as this is the impression people got when I told them I worked online.

By this time my online income had practically stopped and now I was earning nothing no money I was at the brink of financial distruction and something had to give.

Danny Cutts Affilate Marketer