Goal settingI never thought that goal setting worked but seeing as I was not getting anywhere with money and I was looking like a waster to my friends and family I thought it was time to start looking at some better ways of achieving things.

I started with what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted my life to be by the time I was 25 (at 25 I thought people were old) this gave me a time scale to work to.

My first goal was to be financially independent, I didn’t want a boss I wanted to do things my way

The next goal was to build a Kit Car

To travel the world

To be recognised as successful

I set these goals when I was 17 I think I wrote them down in a notebook and that was that. It was only when I was clearing my room at my parents house did I find the said notebook and I sat down and read the goals I have done all of them. I am currently travelling the world while working online to fund the trip. I built a kit car at 18 years old and now own the owners club and am looking at actually buying the kit car company outright

The only thing that is hard to prove that I have achieved is to be recognised as successful. Now My parents are proud of me and they only say good things but I think that is parents for you. In my local pub everybody knows me because of my plastering company but no one really knows that I make a serious amount of money online other than my close friends and family.

Goal setting is definitely the key to success a dream without goals is just that a dream and it wont be achieved easily.

I have written my next set of goals and told my brother in law what they are he laughed then stopped almost instantly and said Shit I think you might just do it though!!

Danny Cutts