Giving up is for losers

“Never give up, you only fail when you stop trying!!”

This has rung in my ears for many years. My aunty used to tell me this when times where getting tough and also another favourite one of hers was

“when your back is against the wall there is only one way out!!”

You see Thomas Edison never gave up when he was looking for the electric light bulb he tried hundreds of different things and every time one didn’t work he just thought it was one nearer the solution. Everything in life is possible, I hate hearing people say they cant do something, there is no excuses!!

I am known for saying my mind and I have often got into arguments with people in bars over things when they say they cant do something my response is normally “BULLSHIT!!” your too lazy or stupid that doesn’t make it impossible. You need determination to get through life and without it you will just get what life dishes out and if that is left to chance you wont be happy.

I tried many things online to make money some failed before they started and others worked a treat if I had given up at the first hurdle I would not have even bought a domain name let alone even tried learning HTML CSS or SEO.

When I was learning plastering I needed to find a firm to work for I begged and even worked for free because I new it would get me where I wanted to be in the future I recently heard from a guy who is now the firms apprentice they don’t stop moaning wishing that he was just a little bit like me! My legend will live on, I turned up on the first day with all the tools ready yet most wouldn’t bother!!

I am not saying you should spend every second of every day doing something because that is just not healthy I am saying that you should always keep that vision in sight and always be working towards that end result. If something takes 10 times 100 times a 1000 times till you get it right it will be worth it and you will reap the rewards and it does get easier!!

Giving up is for losers!!


I will be on my death bed fighting and even then I wont stop trying!!