My new fish tankWell this week I have been playing around with a wordpress plugin that should increase the productivity of my affiliate sites.

For weeks I have been adding products manually to sites and making sure that it has good unique content and then the other day I thought that it was about time I spent some more money and I found Reviewazon. First things first I quite like it and I am not going to rush and start building sites using it I am going to set a site up and see how google likes it then I will make the decision on whether its worth pursuing. Oh and yes I will do a review of it when I get some results and yes whether it be good or bad.

The other thing I did this week was by an aquarium for my desk, for months I have to stare at walls and quite frankly it was bugging the crap out of me. So being a keen fisherman I figured it was a good call to see what tanks were available.

I found a tank that fitted perfectly into the space and although I was not bothered about how much it costs it was well under what I was expecting. So on Monday I spent the day washing the gravel and finding rocks and plants to put in it then the joyful task of carrying 40 litres of water up the stairs to fill the tank.

I am looking forward to having fish on my desk as I find them very relaxing and calming and also helps keep me focussed…

I have to wait a week before I can put fish in it but from the looks of it I reckon I could put my first pair in tomorrow. I think Jane is going to buy the first two then we will see how they go :-)

Tomorrow I am heading to the theatre and going out for dinner in London as it was about time I took Jane out, I work far too much at the moment so taking days off every now and again keeps things sweet.

I have to move servers over the weekend which quite frankly worries me as there will be about 24 hours that my sites will be down for which is OK but I have some very busy forums that I really cant afford to lose members on however because a lot of the forums are based in the UK I am hoping that I can get it done over night and should hopefully not cause too much disruption.

My plans for the rest of the week is to finish a site for an offline client that I have and I am glad to say I wont be taking on any new clients ever again as quite frankly although the money is good I really am to lazy to keep them happy all the time. So once this site is finished I will get it ranking and fingers crossed not have to touch it again.

I am looking at a few new methods of making money online at the moment as well which I will of course go into detail a lot later on next year but it looks like it could be very interesting.

I am also quite pleased that an iPad is in the post on its way over to me complimentary of an affiliate company that I have been promoting for quite a number of years so not only a nice cheque every month but in December I should have a new cool gadget to play with.

Well that’s all for today I will let you know what else I am doing as it pans out I hope you enjoy my blog

All the best

Danny Cutts