I did not think I would be talking about this momentous day so soon from starting to trade horses on the Betfair market using Bet Angel, but it has happened, and I am so damn excited.

I have been trading horses in play today, and I seem to have the “Knack” for it as every trade I did in Play proved to be profitable. Yes, it goes against everything I have learned about Horse trading, but if you are prepared for it and are ready, then it is not a bad thing. It is a big risk but if you use the stats and figures and understand what the market is doing then it is really a great way to make some seriously easy money.

My First Ever 3 Figure Day Trading The Horse Markets

I traded 17 markets today and only had two losers of only a couple of pound a go which is not bad. My best winning trade was £39, and my worst profitable trade was £0.56, so I am in all honesty quite happy with how the day has gone.

Tomorrow I will see what the market wants me to do as I am sure this method has some flaws in it, but I am sure if I am clever and really think about what I am doing and stay calm then I can make this method work for me. Well, at least I hope I can…

Thank you to everyone that has helped me along on this journey I am really enjoying it and at last seeing some profits is a massive motivator for sure. All that needs to be done now is to keep focussed and keep going and try my hardest to make more profits. £100 a day would be awesome, and if I can get more than that, then I will be well on my way.

My Profit for the day was £101.49 and I only stopped because I wanted to go for a pint :D