virtual assistantWell the last few weeks I have been feeling the strain of owning a lot of domains and quite simply I am fed up of working all day maintaining them and not actually building my empire.

I use to outsource a lot of work to a Filipino and it was good and now that site is making a lovely chunk of change but for some reason that I cant even remember why I stopped using him and well I have not out sourced since.

So today I decided it was time to scale up my operation and start looking for a new outsource to build links and create content for my affiliate sites, and manage my data rooms which I don’t have the time and it’s necessary for the company for our confidential information so he can start managing the security levels and sharing the content with the clients.

Hopefully this will free up my time and enable me to carry on building more and more sites which should then start producing a much bigger income.

The one thing that is bugging me is that if I employ and American then I am going to have to pay around $15 an hour which is fine but quite honestly the tasks I have are so simple that a child could do it so I am not particularly keen on paying a skilled worker for the task. I am looking for cheap labour and I want to pay a little more than that person would normally get in their country and then I will keep them on full time and I can effectively double the size and work output of my company and hopefully double the income as this is ultimately what I want to achieve.

My 2010 goals have been blown out of the water due to bad health and I have to now achieve both 2010 and 2011’s goals all in one year for me to hit my long term goal and I think having a Virtual assistant (VA) is going to be the only way I achieve this.

I have been frantically building a few affiliate sites over the weekend and now I have to spend the next coming weeks sorting out traffic for them which is something that bores me I would rather just keep building sites and keep all my ideas rolling.

Its time to see what the power of leverage can achieve

Danny Cutts