17 Tick Profit From betfairAfter yesterday’s performance I was a little disappointed but after sending a link to the trading video I did to Dave at Bet Angel he watched it and gave me some good pointers. To be blunt, he really does know his stuff and is so keen to help and guide that it makes me even more determined to make a success of this.

He did point out that although I had another losing day yesterday that one of my trades was pretty good with a 17 Tick profit. I totally had overlooked, and I think I should have been a little bit more excited, but a loss always casts a shadow and from what I have read traders are never happy with their success and dwell on the losses which I can totally understand.

Anyway, with today’s trading underway and after all the extra tips and advice from Dave at Bet Angel I was doing a lot better and still using £3 stakes I was having more wins than losses which are exactly what I wanted. The trouble today was that I was trading a ladder and looking at the wrong graph which was not the best trying to do but it ended in a loss.

The day continued, and I was being a bit selective and just watching the markets trying to pick and choose when I entered, and exited and I think it went pretty well. I traded 22 horse races and out of them I only made a loss on 9 of them which gave me a total loss of £7.31 for the day.

Day 7 Profit & Loss

Dave has really helped me get this far, and the software really is a great bit of kit. I just need to focus more and get stuck in.

If all goes well, I am going to aim for a loss of £3 or less tomorrow but still trading around 20 races.