dragon naturally speaking ReviewHello everybody Its been a long time since I have posted but thats due to moving house and getting involved in my local communty etc :-) However I am back now so should be updating as often as I can :-)

As some of you may remember I once did a review for Lynn Terry and I raved about how good Dragon NaturallySpeaking was. The trouble is that this was installed on my netbook as I was travelling around Australia at the time.

So in a bid to increase the productivity and to actually get a little more work done I decided that I was going to get my Dragon NaturallySpeaking software back out again and start using it.

However, there was one massive problem and that was the fact that I couldn’t find the disc and can’t even remember when, where or how I bought it. So you can guess it’s left me a little bit frustrated. I had to sit down and think is Dragon NaturallySpeaking actually a piece of software I really need or is it something I just want now.

After a week of toying and begrudgingly having to think about buying it again I decided to bite the bullet and last night I cracked my company credit card out and spent just short of a hundred bucks on Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.5.

And I have to say with only 10 min training and a quick setup process I was using it and it was making a lot of sense and actually the sentences worked and I had to do very few corrections.
So today has not been particularly productive, but I’ve already created some great articles and I have even written this blog post using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

So even though I had to buy it again and although it’s frustrating and you appear to wasted money this new version is absolutely phenomenal, the fact I don’t have to go back and correct my spelling mistakes, grammar and of course all the missing words is just a godsend but Dragon NaturallySpeaking works out how I speak and my style of writing so when reading back my articles they are actually now like I am sat in a room talking to my reader face-to-face.

So how is this going to increase our productivity?

Well as you will know I’m pretty lazy I don’t particularly like working although my online business is fantastic and doesn’t take a massive amount of time to make money and of all jobs in the world this is by far one of the best jobs I have, so don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining I’m just saying if I can make my day easier and more productive then you definitely have my attention.

So the first task of the day was for me to write an article for a new affiliate site I’m creating as a joint-venture with another marketer. I knew very little about the product and even more so I didn’t know the technical data and information I really should know, I have to say that this is even after I’ve used the product and I like product.
So you can imagine writing a review is going very difficult on this product, so what I did was I headed over to a website and I found some information that would be handy and what I did was really out but with every sentence I put in my own words, and so as I went along as effectively rewriting the article without changing any of the information.

Doing it this way meant that I was creating great unique content which flowed brilliantly. But what was good was I did not know anything about the product you never know this is a sound like an expert. This was also completed in less than 20 min and the article was over 600 words long which for an article is absolutely perfect.

Tomorrow I’ll be able to get more work done create fantastic content and not only that Dragon NaturallySpeaking will learn more and more about the way I talk and my writing style.

What plans the next week to create at least one article/blog post from my site I feel I started let my readers down people follow me and so as of next week I’ll be creating more content giving you some more great tips showing it’s the great strategies that I use to generate my full-time online income and yes I only work a few hours a week.

if you are interested in increasing the content creation output and I seriously recommend that you go out and get Dragon Naturally Speaking. I found the best place to buy it was from Amazon not only because you get a physical disc which hopefully like me you won’t lose but you also get it at great reduced cost.

Danny Cutts