demographic marketingWell today I have been thinking a lot about demographic marketing and I have to say that I don’t really do it enough and so much so I have to change the way I do things online because I think with this titbit of information I can really increase the income generated from my already profitable sites.

Demographic marketing is all about working out who your visitors really are and what they like. So for example a car site tends to be males aged 16 – 35 years old who also like playing Gran Turismo and make 40 day.

With this information you can see what people might want, so instead of selling cars to car enthusiasts you know that cars are their passion so you know that they are going to do the most to make sure they are looked after so you know that they will also be interested in buying a bucket and sponge and they are probably going to be interested in cleaning products.

FaceBook is a great way to do demographic marketing because people will open tell you what and who they are, take a look at all those people who have “engaged” on their profile I can sure as a spade is a spade that they will be interested in weddings and wedding planning and also looking for perfect honeymoons.

The recent adsense change to autoblogs has really made me open my eyes up to what people might be also interested in. In the past I use to build a site throw adsense up drive traffic and make money, now I am being a little more clever with the traffic and dissecting it to see what they might want. I am now looking at CPA offers that will hit the spot with my visitors.

Its quite exciting really, I am quite enjoying delving deep into market research and seeing what people are actually likely to be interested in. If you head over to you will see that I have typed in to see what sort of people visit ebay and what the demographic of that person will be.

So taking a look you will see that 33% of traffic is aged between 18-34, 52% of which are male and 82% are Caucasian that earns $60K – $100K a year and did not go to college. Using this information you can really home in on your target market and supply theme with precise information and literally give them what they want.

I am not saying this is fool proof but it does give you the help and an understanding of who you are selling to and with this information you should be able to earn more money or at least start making more use with the current traffic your site is receiving.

Also this week I have been using the countdown timer to see how many hours I actually work a day, not how many hours I am sat in front of the laptop but how many actual hours I work. I don’t really need to do 8 hours a day in fact I only really need to do about 2 hours to maintain my current lifestyle however some days I can spend 10 hours in front of my laptop and do very little so last week I decided this had to change and I am seeing the difference already!

I am quite pleased with what I have already achieved this week and making money this week is already proving to be going really well.

Tomorrow I have to finish a site for a client then I am actually going to design a website for my company to showcase my business and what I actually do… that should be interesting!

Enjoy the rest of your day

Danny Cutts