Today I am still trading the evening markets and I was doing pretty well then I got slapped by a £1.36 loss and then I kinder just lost my way and fumbled through the markets then just making stupid mistakes and hanging on to trades that I should have binned off.

I was letting the losing trades run and cutting my profits short… Very annoying.

At one point I think I was about £3.70 up and that was after the initial silly loss then I have 4 losing races in a run and decided to call it a night. even though I made a loss today I am still winning because I pleased to say that it was another day where I did not go in play at all.

Trading horse racing markets pre race is one of the hardest things I have ever had to learn and yes I can honestly say I am struggling but with every trade and every mistake I think I am learning. I am still not recording my trading because of all the youtube haters but when I get my flow back and my head in gear and I can honestly say I am no longer an in play trader I may start doing the videos again.

Fingers crossed tomorrow I can have a better day… I need to just make sure I dont go in play at all through my trading day then I will be happy :D