Danny Cutts Internet MarketingThis week has been a manic week, Sunday I spent the day at my dads because he turned 60 and due to lots of reasons we could not catch up until Sunday. Had a nice home cooked dinner and opened presents which was quite nice :-)

Then Monday came round and this is the day that I spend in the office, Jane is a maths tutor so she is also there helping my little cousin get through her GCSE’s. During the day I get a phone call from a builder I use to do lots of work for when I was plastering and he seemed quite anxious and it turned out he was running behind on a job and the plasterer he now uses has let him down…. So me being me said yeah I will come and do it

Oh boy, me and my big mouth, what a nightmare of a job, in the old days I could skim a kitchen in a day but this one took two hard days of graft but it was completed yesterday with a nice wedge of cash in my pocket (which I will declare to my good friend the tax man).

The trouble with plastering is that it is so tiring and at the end of the day I just cant be bothered to do anything more, I got home on Tuesday and I went to sleep at 20:00 and slept right through till 07:00 the following day.

However last night I decided that I was going to push on and start getting a site that has been making me about £300 a month for the last 2 years properly optimised for the search engines and because I moved the site from Drupal to wordpress over the weekend I had my work cut out. I spent maybe 3 hours last night sorting out the robots.txt and the ping lists and then the mammoth task of organising the right keywords etc…

So last night I made the decision that I had done enough and thought about tackling my gmail inbox. My inbox has about 20,000 unread emails in it and to be honest it was getting a bit of a nightmare.

So another 2 hours had gone through the emails and deleted a lot and not only that I decided to unsubscribe from so many lists, I was getting fed up with the amount of emails I was getting and I was simply not reading them because I have just been too busy or quite frankly not interested in them.

Sorry if I am on your list and I unsubscribed but I just don’t have the time any more to read about things that bear no interest in my life or in fact stuff that is not going to make me any money or increase the amount of money I earn.

So that was a big spring clean for me, it was a good feeling and as my mother always says is a clean home is an organised home :-)

Well for the rest of this week I have a lot booked, today I am off out on the lash for St Patricks day with school friends from **cough** 10 years ago so that should be a good catch up, and I have just got back from helping a friend pick a new laptop as people seem to think that because I work online I instantly know everything about computers…lol

Tomorrow I shall be nursing a hangover and then heading to take my dads car to the garage for him as he is at his job. Then on Saturday myself and Jane have a wedding to go to which quite frankly is not something I am looking forward to at all, I really don’t like weddings or in fact anything like that. I get fed up with the what do you do questions and the blank looks as you try to explain that you do actually make money online without scamming people…lol
Sunday should be a good relaxing day, we are heading back over to my parents again to sort out my old van ready for an MOT so I can get my private plate off it and hopefully get it on either my kit car or possibly my new car (which I cant decide on what to buy….)

That’s all for this week, not a great deal to do with internet marketing but still none the less hectic. Next week I hope to have a normal week, ie I actually get some work done :-)

Danny Cutts