Since my daughter was born I have not had my head in horse trading and frankly I lost my way and became a bit of a gambler and that was not good.

However, I have got use to sleepless nights now and I am use to being exhausted and so now I decided to blow the dust off Bet Angel and start looking at the horse markets and today was a good day to start again.

The day started well and I traded 24 markets and only had 2 losing trades… one of which should have only been £0.64 and not £1.76 but I was listening to the wrong race and that went in play but I got out ok and lived to fight on.

I am only using £4 stakes and to be honest I was quite comfortable with what the horse markets were doing today and to be frank I found them quite easy to read.

I was not looking for massive swings but I did get on to a huge swing and I rode it out a long way and on a £4 back bet I was £3.10 in the green after hedging up so all good.

At the end of the day I was £11.82 in the green and I only stopped because I wanted to stop when I had got to £10 profit.