After yesterdays trading and the markets being a little bit pants I was a little apprehensive about today. I was also trading a little bit safe today as I really wanted another day of profits. To show me that I can actually do this and shoe me a glimmer of hope that I can make a full time living from the Betfair Horse markets.

Well by 17:30 I think I was up by about £8, and I was buzzing with excitement as I have never been that far up and I was contemplating just stopping then and having a good day but I carried on traded, and the next race I completely screwed up I had 3 mins to go and everything flipped and I was down near £20 which was gutting, but I stayed calm and managed to trade myself out of that to only make a loss of £2.08 for that race which was a good thing.

Day 19 Profit

I have also been dabbling with the BetFair Football markets and to be honest that is what has actually made today’s trading really profitable and to be honest I really like strategy I am using and shows real potential to make some consistent money, but I am not sure if it has legs yet, so I don’t want to discuss it yet until I know what is what.

The markets were a lot better today, and I was picking and choosing my bets, but you can see when I was getting tired as I was slowly making mistakes, but still nonetheless I finished the day trading horses with a profit of £2.74 and profit from the football trading of £7.13.

So I am quite pleased with myself, and I’m also very excited for the future now as I want to carry on trading and learning how to make more money as I am now even more determined to make this work

So here we are…

Today’s Stats

Football Trading

Traded 13 Markets
Football Profit/loss £7.13

Horse Racing

Today’s Stats

Traded 26 Races
Won 18 Races
Lost 8 Races
profit/loss £2.74

Overall profit/loss £9.87