When I first started online my parents told me to stop wasting my time and get on and do a propper job. I just sat on the chair nodding knowing that I was not going to give up doing what I loved to do.

I couldn’t understand why they didn’t want me to make money online, while all my friends were out stealing cars and sticking coke up their noses I was readinga and learning about online businesses.

I think that my parents just couldn’t grasp that I could easily make my living online. However it did take some time to prove to them that I could earn a decent wage from teh internet.

I used to take great pleasure in leaving cheques lying around for £1500 or £300 or used to ask my parents to pay them into the bank because I was too busy.

I think I annoyed them quite a bit really, my dad all be it he works hard I don’t think he has ever made a lot of money and my mother works very hard but for a small wage. They were bringing me and my sisters up on a small wage while I am making serious money with no over heads I could see why they found it annoying.

However they made their bed so they can sleep in it. The amount of man hours I have stuck in to learn what I know and the trials and tests I have done to perfect my methods I may as well have worked for a minimum wage to at the time but now as I lie next to the pool in Hawaii I think it is all worth it.

The internet has definiately opened up many doors for me making things happen that I just wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. When people ask me what I do I don’t mention the internet I just tell them I am a plasterer it is easier than trying to explain to them what internet marketing is and how I sit at home in my boxers earning more a day than most dream of a week!

Any way time to put some more sun cream on!