The day started a bit slow as I was woken up by an elderly neighbour who had fallen over in the night and her husband could not get her up, so my wife and I had to go down at 3 am and give this old lady a lift. I woke up late, and my head was foggy so it was decided that I would spend the day washing my car ready for a car event at Goodwood (I have a car blog as well).

Once my car was cleaned and ready for Goodwood I came up to the office and started trading, I did not have a massive amount of time because we had a Wake to attend so decided to trade a few races.

I lost the first race but that was because I am a nob and I quickly got into the swing of it, and I actually found it a lot easier today but I was just keen to steal a few pence profit here and there and try my best to end the day in green.

My First Profitable Day

Well, I did it… £0.56p profit at the end of 10 races… and to say I was a little excited was an understatement… I was buzzing, it has been a long time coming, but I am learning, and there have been a lot of people guiding me, and I would like to thank everybody who has commented and helped me.

The £50K challenge is now officially well on its way now I am hoping that from here on in my profits continue to grow. Every day is a school day and every day I love trading; my mind is in the right place, and it is all good.

I am away tomorrow, and Sunday so will be back in the office on Monday so hopefully, that will be a good day, and we can see another profitable day. I am going to increase my steaks by £2 every day that I am profitable, and that should help keep me interested and also motivated.

Thanks again and I hope you are enjoying my video blogs as well