Mr XI had a meeting with one of my clients this week, he has been using my services as an SEO expert and we decided to JV on a project. I am going to refer to him as Mr X.

So once a week he comes round and we sit and work out what we are doing with the project and look at strategies and ideas and see what we need to do to get the site into the money.

Mr X is a very successful businessman and has not really made his money online but he has made it offline in conventional businesses and he has a very good track record of taking companies to the top and getting them to make a lot of money.

I have been teaching Mr X all about my online business and its pretty hard not to get excited by what I do online and of course after seeing some good results from our JV and his business website he is very keen to not only make some extra money for himself but also he wants to see me make a lot more money than I do already.

So today’s meeting was not all about what we need to do for the new venture but more to learn about the fundamentals of business. But not the sort of stuff you learn in the text book that they give you at school but the stuff you learn from people who actually make money.

I have run a successful plastering company and of course my online ventures keeps me busy enough and allows me to go on a lot of holidays and do what I like when I like but there is always room for improvement. But I still have had to bumble my way through the business I have not had the help and the guidance from a successful offline businessman.

So the meeting started off with a few questions from Mr X.

One of the questions was what do I define as wealthy? And would I rather be rich or wealthy?

So what do I define as wealthy?

Well, I think wealth is not about how much money you have in the bank but how long you can survive without working. so if I was to stop work today how long would it be before I had to either start working again or, heaven forbid…. get a job.

So the longer you can survive without having to work will define how wealthy you are.

So this is quite easy to understand and it will also help you define yourself as either rich or wealthy or even both. If you’re rich you have a lot of money in the bank but it doesn’t generate you an income and you will have to work one way or another. However, if you had that money working for you and it was generating an income without you doing anything. This is what I see as being wealthy.

I suppose I’m wealthy, a lot of my income is all from projects that are set up to run on autopilot and so they don’t need much work and yes I can survive on what they earn. So in some people’s eyes I am wealthy. However in my eyes I’m not, I’m a complete petrol head and love cars, so until I have that Lamborghini parked on my driveway or even better parked in its own personal garage then I don’t see myself as wealthy or even rich.

So after speaking to Mr X about this. He mentioned how much he makes a month and I have to say I almost fell off my chair. This guy drives round in a 10-year-old car, doesn’t wear flashy clothes or even flashes the cash around, he just looks like a normal person just like me and you.

He is so driven and motivated by taking projects and companies to the top that he does not have time for material things and yes, he could go out tomorrow and buy new Lamborghini quite easily, but he rather use that money to invest in new projects and businesses so that his future is really secure.

It’s funny really, because I always knew he was not short of money but I also knew that he was in complete control of his finances and that he watches every single penny.

What I like about my lifestyle is exactly that the lifestyle. I make enough money online to feed my passion for cars, my passion for going on holiday a few times a year and also my passion to do what ever I like, when I like, how I like and for as long as I like. You see to me. I may not be wealthy and may not be rich but I do have a fantastic lifestyle.

You see, running an Internet business is good fun, but it’s hard work but the rewards are just fantastic. I would not do any other job again because I absolutely love what I do.

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