I woke up bright and early and decided that I would go for a nice long walk with the wife and see a bit of the countryside as I have been cooped up all weekend and I needed some exercise and some fresh air so took the camera out and just generally had a few hours away.

A walk to clear the mind

When I got home and had some lunch and a bit of a nap because I was exhausted. It soon turns 3 pm, and I figured I would see what the markets were up to and have a dabble if I felt like. Within a couple of races I was doing really quite well with a nice win of £7.30 and a £2.96 then it went to crap when I traded 17:00 at Newcastle and I was £8 up, and then it just went against me and as normal did not cash out.

A couple more losses and a very nice win of £10.32 bought the day back but the last two races of the day were fairly heavy losers. My profit and loss for the day were a profit of £4.30 which is not that bad but still would have liked a bit more and could have done without the silly losses as always.

Anyway, a profit is a profit, and it is nice to see my betting bank grow a little every day, so I am going to keep pushing on.

Todays Profit