There has been a lot of people commenting on my videos on youtube, and they are all encouraging and giving me tips and advice which is very nice, and I really appreciate it. I never at any stage think that trading would be as hard as it actually is. I expected it to be challenging, but I like challenges, but this is way beyond what I first expected.

Anyway, today I decided to go and sign up to Racing UK to get live pictures but from what I can see they only cover one venue a day which is great but I kinder think I need to get other live pictures from the other places as well. Who do you guys use to get live pictures?

Day 16 Betfair Profit

The first few races I was confident and then had a couple of races turn on me which is to be expected and so I bailed out as quickly as I could as I did not want a big loss and the biggest loss was only £1.51 and my biggest win was a nice £2.42.

I feel a lot more confident today, and I decided that I was going to pick and choose my races and that seemed to work fine and although I did have a few losers overall I am quite happy with the results.

I feel progress is being made and I would honestly like to thank Dave @ Bet Angel for all the help he is giving me and that I must be the worst student ever but he is putting up with me, and I am doing my best to make this work.

Not sure if I am going to be trading tomorrow as I am out test riding bikes for another one of websites so I will make the decision tomorrow but on Wednesday I plan on having a good full day on the screens.

Please make sure you subscribe to my Youtube Channel to follow me on my £50K Betfair Challenge, and any words of wisdom and encouragement are very much appreciated

Today’s Stats

Traded 17 Races
Won 13 Races
Lost 4 Races
Overall profit/loss £2.06