I was eager to start today’s trading because I thought I had learned a few valuable lessons the day before. I got off to a cracking start with a lovely win of £1.12, and then disaster struck and a huge loss of £6.19 hit and then a profit of £0.38 and then a loss of £1.81 and then a final £0.15 profit, and that let the days trading end with a loss of -£6.35.


It is really beginning to get me down with these losses, so I decided to stop trading for money and open up the practice mode in Bet Angel and see what I could do. I thought if my mind is now not on it I did not want to carry on losing money so figured I would just “mess” about.

Well, I started with £100 stakes and in a few trades, I had “Greened” out with a profit of £62.84, and I was like Christ that was mega easy… The next few trades I made, I decided to use a more realistic stake of £50 and trade as if it was my own money and that saw profits of £17.63 with an average of £2.54 a race.

I was scratching my head as to why this was the case and why I was not losing money like I have the last couple of days. It may well be a “one-off” thing or beginners luck or maybe purely because it was not “real” money but either way it did make me feel better on the day.

However, I did think it was most likely that I did not have to do as many scalps in the market to show a profit and so I was reducing the risk by losing bigger stakes and so I could green out quicker.

Tomorrow I am going to be using practice mode again with £25 stakes and see if that still shows a nice profit then I think it will be a case of spending the next week or so trading in practice mode then next Friday hitting it for real and really get this challenge underway.

This challenge is all I live breath and sleep at the moment and making enough money from trading Betfair is becoming an obsession, and I am confident I can make it work.