Amazon Affiliate programThis week I have been researching servers and looking at options as one of my forums has grown so big that it needs to go to its own server where it can grow and make even more money. We are finally in a position that we own our niche!

The trouble with having to get a dedicated server is that its another expense and I am a stickler for maximising profits and making the most money from the minimal amount of investment although I don’t mind spending money I like to see a good return on investment so hopefully this will be the case.

The best part of the day for me for many years has been when I sit down at my desk and check out my affiliate stats and commissions and well all I can say was that last night was fantastic! Not life changing money but still I am well happy with it. I sold some ad space on my forum which is always good and the money is already in my bank. That is what I call automated business :-)

As you all may or may not know I am pretty big on Amazon and eBay affiliate marketing I have many sites promoting physical goods and well I have never put any of teh banners on my forums I normally just use adsense then sell the space to companies etc then since doing  The Deadbeat Super Affiliate review I have been more aware that people love to buy from amazon. This week has been no exception one banner on a forum I won is converting like wildfire I am really impressed with its conversions.

So for the rest of this week I will be looking at increasing the sales and creating a few more banners to put on some of my other sites, I found this amazing selling machine very useful and time saving

Today I am building a site for one of my forum members, as occasionally this is something I do and also its pretty good money and takes not a great deal of time. What I do like about creating sites for my members is that not only are they good payers and they never cribble over price but they are loyal customers and when it comes round to renewal they will happily pay a slightly higher web hosting fee which to me means a nice residual income.

Just a short update today and as ever jus my usual ramblings.

Danny Cutts