Sorry that it has been a long time since I last did an update but Monday was such a good day that I was excited for the rest of the week, well I returned home on Tuesday ready to hit the markets, but I found I did not have any internet in my office.

Well, friday afternoon I finally get reconnected and so I decided not to trade on Friday because I did not know when they would cut off again and thankfully it has been stable ever since.

It turns out that construction workers had cut through the lines up the road and the whole village was pretty much out which is not helpful especially as I run internet companies.

The weekends trading was terrible, had some big wins and some terrible losses but as normal I lost overall I put this down to not being involved with the markets all week and out of the zone.

Monday morning comes along, and I am feeling fresh as a daisy, and I manage to get a fair bit of work done in the morning, and so I am free to trade all afternoon, and I am trying to apply what I have been learning from the book I am reading and that is Mark Douglas Trading in the zone. I have to say I think it is working.

Right, so let us take a look at today’s trading….

It started off terribly with a £5.88 loss in the first race and then just some losses that were annoying as I know that they were not needed. I could have easily have had a clean sheet today because every loss was purely down to me trying to get a bit more profit when the market was giving me every signal under the sun that it was going to turn.

Todays Trading Profit Page 1

Todays Trading Profit Page 2

I had one trade where I was £6 up I think, and I kept hanging on then it turned, and I ended that race losing £3.40 which is just horrific.

However I am quite pleased with myself today I feel that I am winning even though I am losing, mad theory but I am winning more and my losses are tending to be smaller and I am losing less races so if I can remove the losers then I will be on the road to actually standing a chance to winning and actually start heading towards my £50K challenge

Today’s Stats

Traded 26 Races
Won 19 Races
Lost 7 Races
Overall profit/loss £3.63