After discovering the practice mode is exactly like the real thing yesterday, it has made today’s trading a lot damn easier for me to play about and get a feel for what I am doing.

I started with £25 stakes but would often throw in £50 stakes when I was confident of what the market was doing. I have to say it all went to plan, and I mean it really wall went to plan.

Scalping for Profit

I did not have a single loser today which is pretty damn awesome considering all week I have been battling with losses. I did let two horses go “in-play” which was brave/stupid of me, but it came off and worked very well in my favour.

I only traded the favourite horse, and this seemed to work best especially as I was only concentrating on one horse and not 2 or more which means you are there ready to react when you need to.

I know I am putting it off but what is my Hypothetical profit for today? Well, I made £100.02… I know, pretty damn awesome!! It would have been good if it was real money but its not so it does not count towards my £50K target but what it does show you is that my trading is improving, and £25 stakes are where it is at I think.

Tomorrow I won’t be trading because I am at the Bet Angel Training and hopefully having what I have learned refined, and I am hoping that on Saturday I am ready for a big day of live trading and fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

I will do a short review of the day at Bet Angel so that if anyone else is interested in the course will know what to expect.

Thanks again for following me on my £50K challenge I am sure I am going to be on my way to that £50K rapidly!!!