I am a bonus abuser, and I am proud… but that is not anything to do with the £50K challenge but I will do a video on how I made £80 profit today at some point, but this post is to talk to you about today’s Betfair trading with Bet Angel.

A massive Trade On Day 8Right, this week has been a bitch of a week as my other business has huge server issues, and it has left me exceptionally stressed, so I have not been in the right mind to trade but today I decided to just open up Bet Angel and see what the market produced.

A few screw ups along the way today but I knew as soon as I did them that I was being an idiot and bailed out and everyone was right to bail on so I am learning.

I did have a lovely run and must have been about 20 odd tick profit, but my stakes of a £1 were measly but still none the less well worth it.

Day 8 Profit and Loss Of Betfair Trading

I made a loss of -£1.42 but that is irrelevant, to be honest, but out of 14 races (not including the match betting) I had eight profitable and six losers. Don’t get me wrong it’s not okay, but it’s not bad…

Trading Betfair is learning curve, and I think the learning curve is in progress, and I would like to think that I am making progress.

Tomorrow is a big day from what I can tell on the forums, and so I will be back to £3 stakes and will be concentrating, and hopefully I won’t lose to much, and if I am really on the ball, I may make a profit.

I hope you are enjoying the videos as well… I need to sort my mic out there seems to be a lot of noise from it which makes no sense because it is a top of the range mic….