I spent this morning looking for a new winter Motorbike to muck about on and help promote one of my other companies and I was then heading to Southampton for their final Bike Night of the year. However, I was home early from the motorcycle viewing and so decided to see what the horse markets were doing and had a dabble. I had about an hour, so I figured I was not going make huge profits, but I wanted to try and chip away at yesterdays losses.

Looking back over yesterdays video it is quite obvious that my head was not in the game and so I probably should not have traded at all but whatever yesterday was in the past and today is what matters.

The first trade of the day saw £1.74 profit, and that was an excellent start as usually the first few trades for me of the day are a bit ropey, but it started well today. Race 4 came along at Sedgefield and I traded my arse off and managed a £58.09 profit which I was ecstatic about, and that really did set me up for the further trades of the day.

What a Cracking Trade

The worst trade of the day was still a profit of £0.18, and that means I did not make a losing trade in the ten markets which is pretty damn impressive. I think it is going on to prove that I am making improvements on my trading although I have the odd off day now and again but overall I am making progress.

Another great trade I had was £15.67, and that was also a great feeling. I am really enjoying swing trading, and I did pull off a successful scalp trade as well today for a £0.90p profit (I think) and so I am quite happy with today’s trading.

A Good Profit For Today

The good news is that although I have had a losing day this week this £81.78 profit today has set me up for the rest of the week and has had a massive boost on my betting bank and I am now confident that tomorrow I will trade a better day. I am excited to now break the £100 profit in one day at hopefully some point in the near future.