The Egg Timer Makes Me More ProductiveWell its Sunday again and I am sat in front of my laptop contemplating what to do today, this has been a very much an occurring question recently I am not sure why but I am really struggling to stay motivated. I already earn a nice residual income and I already have all my bills paid and yet I just cant be bothered to do much more….

So the last few days I have been seeing actually how much work I actually get done. I went to and set the count down timer to 8 hours and I start and pause it as an when. So if I got and check my facebook I would pause the counter until I get back to work. I am seeing how long it takes me to actually do 8 hours of work in a day… I reckon I am not evening doing 3 hours of actual work a day.

However this week I have achieved a fair amount even though I don’t actually do much, I took on another Virtual Assistant (VA) because I wanted to get a bit more achieved each month and when I can get someone to do the boring task of backlinking and maybe a bit of wordpress content creation (even though this blog is the only content I actually create). Either way its adding to my business and at a price I wont even have to worry about.

Last Wednesday I booked a holiday, much to the surprise of everybody that saw me in the state I was in when I caught Dengue Fever in October I am going back to Asia and more specifically I am off to Malaysia with Jane.

We are spending a month away where we will be going to Borneo, Malaysia and Singapore. Jane and I have a lot of really awesome friends in Malaysia and we have been to see them twice now since we bumped into them in Bali back in 2009. Myself and Jane, love travelling so much that every single penny we make goes to spending it on travelling we pretty much live for nothing else other than travelling some more.

In July we will be off, all flights are booked and all I need to do is make sure that I have enough bug spray to keep the mozzies away and that I don’t do anything that will end this trip early…. lets hope 3rd time lucky.

So what are my plans for next week?

Well on Monday I am actually doing some plastering for a family friend which is going to interesting, I actually love plastering its a very satisfying trade but I have not picked up a trowel in about 2 years. I am sure I will be like a duck to water but still none the less it will be a hard day.

The other thing that I need to get finished is the product I have been working on, it was meant to be a quick simple product but I have been going in so much in depth that we have decided to create it and then sell it for a much higher ticket. I am hoping that it is as good as lots of people have been telling me.

I am also working on a product that is going to help one of my forums no end but not only that I am actually getting this one published so you can buy it from Amazon in an actual hard copy which is going to be pretty awesome :-)

The other thing which is not marketing related at all is that I have started weight training again, I lots a rake load of weight from Dengue fever and its quite embarrassing taking my top off now so I have decided for my Malaysian trip to get back into shape, I was fairly well built in 2009 and that all went out of the window for one reason or another but now I am happy that I will get back to it and maybe exceed my previous.

Well that’s all for this week, not the most exciting read but its just a little update.

Danny Cutts