You cant improve what you cant measure and that is why having analytics installed on your WordPress blog is not only important but it is critical. I know bloggers who have given up on blogs because they think that they have not got any traffic to only install Google analytics to be shocked that they are getting a lot of traffic and not only that making them realise that they could have been making money from the traffic.

Why WordPress Google Analytics?

I have tried lots of ways to track my traffic and I have used server stats and other services and it has been such a long time since I have looked for an alternative that I cannot even remember who I have tried in the past so I can assure you that Google Analytics is the best tracking platform for your WordPress blog.

There are a lots of ways to get Analytics working on your WordPress site and some involve sticking a tonne of code in the <Head> section of your WordPress site but lets be honest nobody likes pissing about with code and so that leaves the options of WordPress Google Analytics plugin.

What I Use To Track Traffic

The plugin I use to track my traffic is called Google Analytics Dashboard for WP and it is a doddle to set up and use and what i really like about it is that the plugin actually adds some graphs and stats to your WordPress dashboards so when you login you can see all the information you need and yes its not as in depth as going directly to your analytics login but you get enough information to see what is going on with your site and gives you an idea.

Wordpress Google Analytics Plugins

Once you have got a WordPress Google analytics plugin installed that is it you will pretty much never have to worry about it again. I could go into great detail about how to install the WordPress Google Analytics plugin but it really is easy and takes no explanation as you install it like any other WordPress plugin.