social mediaAs more and more people read my blog the more questions I get emailed and I quite enjoy answering them and some of them are going to make great posts in the future. One of the more common questions is about how to drive more visitors to a website or page.

Driving traffic in 2009/2010/ was a lot different to driving traffic in 2011 and 2012

At the moment content and social media marketing are the two main things that are needed to drive traffic to a website and this is very much different from what we are use to especially when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. SEO however for me is still one of my favourite ways to drive traffic :-) , check these seo reseller site to learn more about.

Since the internet started back in the dark ages content has always been king and even with the google panda updates and all the changes in search engine algorithm changes content is still a massive part on getting good targeted traffic to a website. It also plays a massive part in getting your pages shared across the whole social media networks like facebook, twitter and Instagram, this is why its very important you start looking at social media, at the end, the one who has the most followers on instagram is the one that will generate the most traffic to your website…

I have mentioned in previous posts that the way people search the internet is changing and having social proof is becoming more and more common and that before pagerank was important and I would not be surprised if Google gets rid of the whole pagerank system.

I think eventually every time someone shares your page on a social network whether it be Google +1 or Facebook that will go on to help rank your website in the major search engines. What this means is that you will need to really get your finger out and start looking at some social media strategies and try and get on this bandwagon as quick as possible.

If you don’t have these two marketing tactics which I will remind you is top notch content and social media you will be leaving money on the table and that to me is just not the way to do business…..

However you do need to keep your options open and having variety in your marketing strategy will help you keep a finger on the pulse and also if one of the strategies or traffic funnels goes wrong you wont have a massive plummet in traffic and hopefully you wont lose too much money. Try not to keep all your eggs in one basket is what I am trying to say.

SEO will always be on the top of my list of important marketing strategies and that is because I love it so much and that I seem to be a natural at getting sites ranked quickly and effectively in the major search engines. Everything you do with regards to search engine optimisation should be done around a list of keywords and using effective keyword research will show what keywords you should be targeting. This is what we refer to as on page SEO and we will go into more detail about on page SEO in the future. I like to use Market Samurai for my keyword research you can get Market Samurai with a free trial by clicking the links. Below is a video of Market Samurai in action.

Email Marketing I am actually really rubbish at email marketing and list building this is one of my most famous fails as an online marketer and that is that I was a late starter in list building and to this day I wish that I had started building a list when I started online over 11 years ago. However I do build lists for my clients and I can see first hand how important it is to have a list. Its does not matter if your sites get de indexed from the search engines as you will always have your list…

Link Building is still alive and kicking and looking for good places to leave good quality links should stil be high up on your daily to do list. This is one of the best ways to move up the search engine results page.

I am hoping that you have enjoyed my blog post and that it has answered a few questions about how to drive traffic to your website and hopefully after reading this you will be in a better position to make more money with your online businesses.

Danny Cutts