ScrapeBox has been a very useful tool for me over the years and like I showed you in the first video of my ScrapeBox series it is a very very good tool to have at your disposal. In the first article on ScrapeBox, I wrote about it being blackhat tool and not being a blackhat tool, but as I said prior its how you use it that defines whether or not its a blackhat or whitehat tool.

If you would like to watch my first ScrapeBox video you can find it here and if you are new to ScrapeBox then I would probably have a look at that before you get started with this next video.

In the video below you are going to see how I use ScrapeBox to find places on high quality targeted blogs to leave comments and to build some really fantastic high authority backlinks and although in the video below, I only find a couple of places, but if you spend a little longer, then you find some great places to leave your link. It really does go to show that I am doing this live and not staged because of I was I would have pre-found the links.

Hopefully, you can see the power of ScrapeBox and how using it in this simple way you can find high-quality links and start building authority to your sites, and this is just one way I am going to show you how to find perfect places to leave your links and to drive more traffic to your sites.

Enjoy the ScrapeBox video.

I really hope you found that video on ScrapeBox blog commenting useful, and if you have any questions then, please get in touch and make sure that you sign up to my newsletter to get great tips like this one to help grow your online business.

Danny Cutts

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