This last week for me has been manic. I’ve been pushing on my forum quite hard the last few years and it is slowly beginning to pay off. We had a lot of enquiries last week with regards to advertising and sponsorship on the site. So I spent a lot of time getting stats sorted out and proposals for these companies that want to support our community.

I want to tell you a little about my forum…..

Right from the start of creating the forum I had goals and a vision and for the last six years I’ve stuck to this vision and it is very clear that its working and I am finally getting within reach of those goals. It has been hard work and tiring lots of late nights and frustrating moments but seeing how the forum has helped many people over the years it is worth it.

One of the harder tasks is to work out how much to charge people for any service that you offer and that includes advertising and sponsorship. Its very hard to put a price on something that takes you only a few minutes to implement and it has had me scratching my head for quite some time now.

So what i do now is reverse the tables and look at it from the other persons perspective and see what advertising on my site can do for them. When you look at it this way you can then start to see what the company is going to gain and that way you can start putting a price on what you have to offer. This strategy is working very well for me at the moment

Along with my affiliate business I sideline it with doing local SEO marketing for companies. I find it easy to rank sites in the major search engines because of my background with affiliate marketing over the years and having to compete with big brand companies for competitive keywords

However, when you’re targeting local businesses the local business traffic figures are small and I mean a lot smaller than what I would normally target for my affiliate sites, so when Christmas comes and people simply aren’t searching for local plumbers or garages, it makes you feel bad that your clients site is getting a lot less traffic However if no one searching then you can’t do any more.

So also this week and last week I have been looking at my local clients tweaking and playing with their sites, adding new content and of course continuing with the onslaught of backlinking which all goes to help making sure they maintain their high rankings.

I’ve also been very busy looking a new business venture just to complement my local business customers. I am not going to disclose exactly what I’m doing as I want to get it rolling and started first so that I can ensure I’m staying focussed.

However, I looked at hiring another company to do the service and it worked out it was cheaper for me to buy the equipment myself and do it rather than paying someone to do it, rhe equipment will be fully paid for after the second run.

So hopefully next week the equipment should arrive and I should have a website running to sell what I’m offering which should be quite good fun. This venture is completely different to what I’m used to, but hey Ho, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

You may also read that I recently reviewed the Mobile Money Bandit. I applied to a few of the companies and got accepted quite quickly and I’ve been promoting a product using the method explained in the Mobile Money Bandit and it is going pretty well considering the very little time spent on it.

So maybe in the coming weeks I’ll be delving deeper into this system to really ramp up my earnings and turn it into a nice second income.

As you will discover working online is very much the case of finding lots of different revenue streams and building on them so that if one goes wrong or dries up the others will take over and you should not run the risk of losing too much money or worse case your whole business.

I’ve also recently bought a new car is not owned my main everyday car since when travelling in 2009, this was having an effect on myself personally due to me getting dinky fever in 2010. I’ve had trouble is concentrating on the less I drove the hard drive found it and it is causing me a few problems. So I bought a car just before Christmas and I’m enjoying it. I go I recently day just for a little drive and is helping me get back to the way things were.

As most of you may know, I’m a complete petrol head. I have a kit car already in the winter stays in the garage as it’s too much to drive it in the wet and not only that bloody cold.

This is going to be one of the last summers that we spend in the UK. Jane my long term girlfriend is in her final year of training to be a maths teacher, which means it is our ticket out of the UK and to climates warmer. We can’t decide where to stay for the moment, it is a tossup between going to Singapore for a couple years and enjoying the city life but also the great connections to Malaysia and Australia. Or we try our luck in getting to Australia as this is where we want to be for long-term.

But either way as long as the sunshine, the beach, and huge waves I’ll be happy.

Looking forward to getting back on the road again as I really do miss travelling, and seeing new people and places.

There’s a saying, wherever you leave your toothbrush. That’s your home. Well, my toothbrush at the moment is in five different countries and I can’t decide where to call home.

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