post officeI have been working online for over 10 years now and I have learnt a lot in those years. I however was not always an affiliate marketer I use to sell physical products I use to have a lot sites selling a varying amount of products from adult toys to kids toys and well to say it was very time consuming and a lot of headaches was an under statement.

I was constantly at the post office or on the phone trying to get stock that had sold out I had 2 garages full of stock and rakes of money tied up in stock!

I use to work all week selling the stuff online then every evening packaging it up then at the week ends I would go round the markets selling the stock I could not sell online to try and make more space.

Yes you can probably guess I was struggling to make ends meet and most of all I had no time to enjoy anything I wanted to do. So things had to change!

I discovered ebay and amazon and switched a site from my products to pulling in listings in from ebay and amazon and I noticed a drop in income but not much and boy it was much easier! I was now making a little less money but I was doing hardly anything. This was perfect I eventually switched all my physical shops to ebay or amazon and I have not looked back since.

I can now do what I like and my shops dont tie me down and that is the way I like it! I now spend a lot of time just optimising my sites and concentrate on getting them ranking in search results. I think that this has made me incredibly lazy but still none the less teh money is what makes it worthwhile.

Affiliate marketing goes a lot further than building fully loaded ecommerce sites its all about giving your visitor what they want and trying to make them leave with something that you have provided… Affiliate marketing takes a lot of testing and tweaking but when you get it right the results are fantastic and the money is residual.

I have built sites nearly 8 years ago and they are still making money month in month out and i have pretty much left them to their own devices.

I am not really into building a site and having to spend months on end adding content I like just the plug and play sites where I build them do the necessary SEO and then leave them to gain natural search engine placement.

Maybe if I did drop back on a few sites I would be a lot richer and have fewer sites but then we wont know for sure.

Affiliate marketing opens doors and it keeps you busy and money in your pocket without wasting time and making more work for yourself