The HTC HD2 Perfect For My BusinessThis week I got hold of a HTC HD2 smart phone. I have been looking at getting an iPhone for a long time and after extensive research I decided that all though the media reckon the iPhone is the best phone I have realised it is is just possibly the case of the emperors new clothes.

On Sunday I took my girlfriend Jane out shopping and we spent a few hours playing with smart phones and we came to the conclusion that the iphone just is not flexible enough and that the touch screen just was not responsive enough as we kept making mistakes.

In every shop we went in I asked which smart phone is the best and which one would they have and they all said that the HTC is the best smart phone because its flexible and is not restricted by apple.

I went in and played on the HTC HD2 and I fell in love… it has a huge 4.5 inch screen and the screen is crystal clear I mean it absolutely fantastic! It has a mini sd card slot so I can increase the memory if needs be and to be honest it just seemed right for me.

Well yesterday my new HD2 arrived and I was keen to get it opened and start playing with it but I decided to get everything done on my to do list first as I new that if I did not I would not achieve anything that day and luckily I did because as soon as it was out of the box I was tinkering and adjusting and playing.

I had a few issues one was I could not get my contacts off my sim card and on to the phone memory but I soon sorted that out and it was due to me being a bit of a doughnut.

I soon got the net working and scrapped the internet explorer browser and started using Opera which for me is a lot better although I will probably install Firefox in the next couple of days.

I also got Peep which is the twitter client working and after a few hours my phone was ready to start business.

What I like about the HD2 is that I can take it with me and I can keep in touch with my forums and emails which for me is my bread and butter of my business model. I spend a lot of time away from my laptop so I need to be able to act quickly on problems as and when they occur so this is what the phone can used for.

I also like the fact it has a wireless router feature which means there is no need to hang out of the window with my laptop I can just set the phone to be a router and put it on the window sill or wherever there is a connection then I can connect wireless to my phone from my laptop if I need to… this is something that is going to prove very valuable on my next travels.

So so far I am very happy with the HTC HD2

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