This is the first $10 I made onlineThis is the exact $10 i made online! Yes this is before ebay took off this is before paypal existed this is when the internet was somewhat a scary place that everybody said would not take off.

You all may laugh at me and wonder why I still have the exact $10 that I made online, but the truth is is that I could not pay it into my bank account. So you are probably wondering how did I make this ten bucks?

Well I use to make fairly good pocket money from playing fruit machines (yes I was only 16 but I wont tell anybody) and so I wrote a little guide on what I had learnt and I sold it for $10 I created a really bad HTML website but it converted quite well really but unfortunately I had to get cheques sent to me and cash!

What did I learn from this first venture? Well that money can be made on teh internet and that it although can tough it can be made 24 hours a day!

I will be framing these to $5 bills I think as it a bit of a milestone for especially considering the money I generate online to this day.

Not a long post but still none the less an interesting post for me. I will be writing another post soon explaining somethings that have happened to me over the last few weeks and how I cam close to dieing.

Happy Reading
Danny Cutts