Taking Things To The Next LevelThis has been a pretty hectic week for me, Monday I was back at my uncles garage www.MKMOT.com and doing some building work up stairs ready for his new training centre which needs to be ready very soon.

Last week I plastered a few walls upstairs, and plastered the stairwell but a few of the other walls just needed a bit of filling here and there and that is what I was doing on Monday.

One of the walls had been smashed to bits and as a repair in the past a big sheet of MDF had been put over it and well as you can tell we need to do a proper fix so I cut the damaged board out and replaced it with a new board and skimmed it to finish it off. It looked pretty good in the end.

The other thing I have discovered this week is that adsense has changed its rules on auto content so I spent a fair few hours removing adsense from my autoblogs and finding good replacement ads and hopefully I should not notice any drop in Revenue.

Google at the moment is doing a lot of so called “changes” and I am not sure if its just hype, but its googles bid to clean up the internet, and this is getting to be a hot topic on every discussion forum and what I find quite amusing is that Google is hammering autoblogs, but when you look at the fact that google itself is just aggregated content and that its the biggest autoblog out there…. ironic?

However we are all at the mercy of the “BIG G” and I have been making quite a few changes to my sites to increase conversions and obviously this will also increase the sites revenue.

I have been spending quite a bit of time this week working on themes, as I have taken on a few offline clients in the last few months and I feel that my simple designs are being left behind and seeing as the recession has everybody fighting for work I need to up my game when it comes to designs.

I am not a web designer but I do get asked to build sites for people and when the money is right I do hoar myself out and do the web design, What I don’t like about web design is that people think its a case of finding a theme and dropping your relevant information in but in reality its a whole different ball game and I try to also get some help from an insync.media expert,  truly great web design.

When I build a site for someone I am constantly on the look out to see how I can maximise its google placement and increase the SEO of the site as I think this is the most important part when it comes to building a site. If you get the SEO wrong when you first start building a site it can go sooo wrong and you will have to work extra hard in your other efforts to get your site ranking.

So this week I took the almighty leap and busted out my wallet and bought the Studiopress themes, $250 later I have about 30 themes, I could not decide which ones I wanted so I bought them all. I have been playing around with them today trying to work out which ones are best for my clients and I am getting my head round the individual themes (thank fully to youtube).

Studiopress is pretty complicated and it was frustrating at first but the quality of the themes is frankly worth the effort and this is why I am spending the time to get them the way I want them to look.

My Offline Marketing Sideline

I have been making a nice living from affiliate marketing for a while now and I love the residual income but over the last 12 months I have been picking up SEO clients. I outsource most of the tasks needed as most of the time its quite simple to rank the sites for the keywords that the client wants.

I dont need to do any selling because they approach me and I am quite picky about who I take on, but in the end I get them on a 2 year contract for a nice monthly fee and every single client I have taken on is ranking for their required search terms…. What I like though is that it is not by any of my own work, well when I say my own work I mean my own blood sweat and tears, I just outsource the necessary tasks to my assistants and they do all the donkey work.

However this last week I have been thinking about how I can take things top the next level, although I am awesome at the offline marketing client business and all my clients are happy, I am actually not the type of person that really likes to get chatting to people, I kinder like to keep myself to myself and this does sometimes get in the way of things..

What am I going to do?

Well I like to face my fears and so this week I am planning on getting out there and finding a few more offline clients and seeing how much money I can actually make and in the shortest time possible. What I like about the offline business is that as soon as you get a clients site ranking they are out with their mates boasting at how good I am and I get a few more referrals….

I really love the flexibility that my online business has provided me over the last few years, I like that I can work anywhere in the world and I have the skills to build a site and make money almost instantly.

Affiliate marketing for me is the lifeblood of my company and its mega exciting but I need to push it up to the next level I am not sure which strategy is my next big push will be. I make my money ins some many different ways in affiliate marketing so I might just pick one section and spend four weeks promoting it hard to see what gives me the best ROI….

Bit of a long random post today but this blog is meant to be about me and my random thoughts :-)