Its a very sad day today.

I had a phone call around 3pm from a lady who had to give me some bad news.

A fellow marketer and friend had died, Vanessa Reece was someone I met on Friday Night Chat and we got chatting on skype and for the last couple of years we would talk most days giving each other encouragement and someone to boast to about our successes.

Vanessa was such a lovely lady she had an infectious laugh that would make me smile and even when I was down or demotivated she was able to pick me up. I could talk to her about anything and she would give her advice or opinion.

I helped Vanessa on a lot of her sites and projects and guided her when it came to SEO and of course affiliate marketing. We use to have little competitions with who would get the first sale when we were promoting the same clickbank product all just friendly fun.

I went through a tough time in 2010 when I was nearly killed with Dengue fever and Vanessa helped and kept me focused on getting better and also helped me get back to work again.

Late last year Vanessa was messed around by a company for a lot of money and she was under a lot of stress and was struggling to cope under the pressure. Then one day she collapsed and was in a coma… she recovered and had a few set backs and we were all scared for her.

She phoned me on the last occasion when she came round after the recent coma as she knew that I would understand what she was going through. For someone I never met in person I knew her so well.

Over the coming months we saw her get better and better and I was on the phone to her again while she was trying to buy a new PC with her mum and Vanessa knowing that I am straight talking told her to ask for a discount which she did and she got it :-)

January for Vanessa was huge she decided to get back on the bandwagon and was really making good progress, she had a few dark days but we would have a chat and then she would tell me how she wants to fight on for her sons sake (louis) and that she loved him to bits.

I was only talking to her the other day… I

I’m still very confused and cant believe whether I am dreaming this or not… I cant remember the conversation that I had with the lady that called me to tell me the news I just completely went blank
Vanessa died on sunday, she was found by Louis and no one is completely sure what happen

ed or why it happened and I can guess that we will never know. I just hope that she did not suffer and that she is at rest in a peaceful place.

Vanessa was one of the most driven motivated marketers I had ever met and is an inspiration to anybody that works from home. She has left behind a son who I now she was very proud of and I know will be looking down on him now.

I will miss you Vanessa….

Vanessa Reece

Vanessa Reece
10/03/1975 – 05/02/2012