ProfitZon ReviewHello I have heard a lot about Daniel Brock over the years and I have heard a lot about his products and his amazon affiliate success.

I am like Daniel Brock and make a nice monthly income from both Amazon and eBay’s partner network so I have decided to buy ProfitZon and see what this chap has to say.

I have read a lot about Daniel on the Warrior Forum and I like what he has to say about amazon and his methods and his post make a lot of sense.

From the outset his sales letter is very good and is clear concise and to the point.

So before I go into the full review of ProfitZon I am going to give you some great reasons why Amazon is a great affiliate program to work with.

  1. They are recognised all over the world
  2. They plant a cookie and it last for 24 hours
  3. People trust Amazon
  4. Amazon has a low refund rate as most people go there to BUY!!
  5. Amazon sells almost everything

There are just 5 reasons why I like amazon and I have not even read ProfitZon yet!!

So I spent this afternoon reading ProfitZon and watching the videos and to be honest I am quite impressed with what i have read. Dan goes into great detail about finding products and how to write the reviews and the videos that he has produced literally take you by the hand.

He has given a few examples in his videos of sites he has done and is making quite a bit of money from and I like to say that its nice and simple method but I can see that its going to convert very well indeed.

I have been promoting amazon products for ages now and I have been doing one method and now that I have read and watched ProfitZon in action I think I am almost definitely going to giving this a go.

Is this for newbies or experienced marketers?

This definitely a must for both groups of marketers its simple enough that anybody could do it and it has some really great gems of advice and has got me thinking about my current method of affiliate marketing. Selling digital products use to be the way of the affiliate marketer but this is definitely the way I am going to be rolling for the next few months.


Good job!! I like ProfitZon it has shown me some great methods and its a perfect starting point for any newbie to the Internet marketing world. There is no reason why you cannot make money using the ProfitZon method.

Danny Cutts Affiliate Marketer