Why I dont do PPC anymoreMany years ago when I was wet behind the ears when it came to making money online I was told by some so called Guru that the way to make money is by using pay per click advertising (PPC)

So I went around and found a few clickbank products and went about writing some adwords adverts and started posting the ads up and well lets just say this I was hoping to retire.

Oh boy was I wrong, I was losing money hand over fist and I had know idea why. I mean I followed everything that the guru said and I was not making money!!

OK I lost a lot of money in fact if I was saying I lost £2k I would probably be underestimating. This is how I got into SEO as all be it was a much slower way to get traffic it was a much safer way and also very free.

Still to this day I don’t use PPC because I am pretty much scared of what money I could lose. However to be honest I don’t really need to know how to make money with PPC because I understand SEO pretty well now and with a small amount of work I can get a site ranking and normally n the front page of results in google.

My advice to anybody looking at doing PPC is to be very careful about how much money you spend and make sure you protect yourself against the losses and test test test

Danny Cutts