Bad insure and go reviewHello everybody,

We as you all know I love travelling and in 2009 I started a year tour. I travelled America, New Zealand and Australia. We also made it to Singapore and we also did Bali.

While I was in Bali I discovered I had a hernia and was in a lot of pain so we decided to head back to Singapore and seek medical attention. It was confirmed in Singapore that I needed an operation. Too cut a long story short both myself and my girlfriend Jane were sent home by the insurance company as they decided that was the best decision.

While we were in Singapore we spoke to Insure & Go on the phone many, many times and they made a lot of promises to us and assured us that we would not lose out financially. We were promised that we would be compensated for the loss of our trip and all flights and accommodation that we had booked we would receive a refund so we should not lose anything.

When we got back to England we received all the information for a our claim from Insure and Go and started filling the forms out and finding all the receipts that we had lost and were claiming. We had £2800 in expenses that we had lost.

After 3 months a cheque arrived from Insure & Go and it was for a little over £200 oh yes, to say we were angry was an understatement. After lots of phone calls and literally getting know where and being spoken to like an absolute moron we decided to take the case further and contacted the Ombudsman.

We put in the complaint and waited….

Last week we got our response and it was not good, the ombudsman said that they found and extra £100 that we were owed but the policy was so cleverly written that it covered us for pretty much nothing. In fact we paid near £400 for this cover and it did not even cover the premium!

So after speaking to the ombudsman and it turns out, it does not matter what Insure & Go said on the phone its what’s in the policy that counts…. So when we were seeking advice on the phone and promised business travel so I could lie down they can spin you a pack of lies just so that as soon as you land back in the UK the policy ends and they can wash their hands of you.

We lost around £2000 from using Insure & Go and we are baffled as to why we bothered insuring ourselves as they did nothing but end a trip early that could have been resolved very quickly.

Would I recommend Insure & Go to anybody? No never!

We have used another insurance company since and they have gone above and beyond the call of duty which to be honest is fantastic. In fact they were the cheapest quote we had and was worth every single penny.

With Insure & Go the policy is so water tight that although it says you are covered fr one thing if you read further down the page you soon realise the truth!

Danny Cutts