Slot machines have always been subject to a tonne of questions, and there have been a lot more myths about that, and I am not talking about the fruit machines you find in your local pub or your local bookies, but I am talking about the machines you see in casinos that payout big.

If luck is on your side with these casino slots, then they can make you very wealthy, but if it’s not then, it can be a free fall to bankruptcy.

So let’s look at some of the myths and facts regarding casino slot machines.

MYTH: Slot machines that haven’t paid out in a while are “due” to payout soon.

FACT: Slot machines are never due to payout, the combinations you see on the reels are determined by a computer program called a random number generator. This number generator is continually spitting out numbers which correspond to reel combinations, and it is as close to random as a humanly designed program can be.

So what I am trying to say is that no matter what has been played before your chances are still exactly the same as before. If you have 1/10000 chance in winning no matter if you have spun 9999 times you still have 1/10000 chance in winning.

MYTH: After a jackpot payout the casino slot machine will not payout unit it has recouped its losses on the last payout.

FACT: It is entirely random so it could payout 3 times in a row as I have mentioned previously it does not matter what is played in the previous spin you still have the 1/10000 chance of winning.

MYTH: More winning combinations happen if you bet one coin at a time.

FACT: We are back to this random number generator again and that it does not make any difference to the outcome at all. The coin counter and the number generator are also entirely independent of each other, so there won’t be any correlation between the two.

MYTH: Casino stuff can hit a jackpot button so that they can reward loyal players.

FACT: come on you have to be serious. If this was the case, then all their friends and family will be winning jackpots all the time. Casino staff will always do their best to look after loyal guests but that is generally in the way of customer service but paying out jackpots is all down to that blasted number generator again.

MYTH: If someone hits the jackpot on a machine you just left then you would have won the jackpot if you had carried on playing.

FACT: that random number generator runs through dozens of number combinations a second so you would have had to hit that button at the exact same millisecond which is even more unlikely.

MYTH: A player is more likely to hit the jackpot in a crowded casino.

FACT: More machines produce a jackpot when the casino is crowded because more machines are being played, so the chances of a jackpot dramatically increase.

I think that is all the significant Myths I have covered there, but I think you should get the idea that the casino slot machines are fun and there is a small chance you will win big, but it is just a chance.