GMail YThe Best Email ClientI use to use Microsoft outlook to handle my email and as I have just short of 100 domains I hand all the emails coming in to that and it worked OK. I think bought myself a netbook ready for when I went travelling which is what i used all over the world and the netbook was fantastic.

The trouble was that the thought that crossed my mind if my netbook was stolen I would lose all my emails… now I always leave my email messages on the server then every 6 months I have a clear out which you know worked quite well.

The good news is that i did not lose my netbook the bad news was that I had to come home early and I decided to move back to my Big laptop and all my emails were on my netbook still.

Something had to change, so I started looking at email clients like Yahoo and Gmail and decided that it is best to use one of these that way I don’t have to worry about what laptop I use and I can check all my email anywhere in the world.

Gmail is the best option the only trouble was was that it only allowed yo to ad 5 pop accounts and for me that was a big problem however it was something I had to get over and I did.

I just organised redirects and had them going to my account and about 6 months on I am loving Gmail! Its fast and efficient it has a great tagging system and I am confident that my mail is safe.

I am heading back to Asia in a few months so I can rest an know that I wont need to worry too much about my laptop being stolen or braking as I am not dependant on it