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I have to say that its been a while since I have a had a chance to write but today is a very special day. Market Samurai has to be one of the best investments I have ever made.

This is not a hype blog post this is a true honest review of why I love Market Samurai so much!

OK, so I got Market Samurai on the ore launch through Ed Dales 30 Day Challenge and I watched a couple of the videos on what it can do and I downloaded the trial version and from then on I was hooked.

Market Samurai is more than just a keyword tool its a full SEO assassination kit it actually does everything I need to build my online and my offline business, including the performance and making of directories.

There are lots of  benefits with online directories, you can maximize your chances of being contacted by a prospective buyer, as you can be search when they look for a supplier, a provider or even a partner.  Directories can help provide backlinks to your site, and provide new listings of services or businesses, and this for an emerging business is necessary and important. Directories are extremely helpful and reliable, many review areas and specific services which can help strengthen the reputation of the site and get more prospects. For example you can check the South Carolina Business Directory if your are looking find a special business  in this listings or  just take look to improve the discover-ability of your business and find how beneficial it is for your business model.

I am not joking I uncovered  a lot of niches using it some of the niches I uncovered were producing 3 figures at the end of the first month of going live.

I no longer pay for advertising or even write articles anymore because Market Samurai helps me get my sites ranking very quickly!

Try Market Samurai now for free!

So how do I use it to make money?

Well if I am looking at the car tyre niche I would type in tyres into Market Samurai and let it do its think it will generate all the keywords that it gets from google and then assesses each and every one of them and brings back some fantastic data.

It tells me how many times a day a search term is searched, it tells me how many clicks to expect a day if I get the top spot on google it then shows me the trends and the number of pages competing for the search term. All this and this is just one function!

I DO a lot of consulting for small businesses and if I did not have Market Samurai I would struggle to be as good as I am. There is an option which I use all the time its the SEO competition option. what this does is takes your keyword and looks at the top 10 sites in google and tells you all the data you would need to know like how old the domain name is, what page rank the site has, how many indexed pages, how many backlinks a site has and how many on page backlinks there are. Also which I think is pretty cool it tells you if the keyword is in the title in the URL or in the description, also it tells you what directories the sites are in.

Yes Market Samurai is thorough!!

OK so going back to tyres….

I found a keyword that was being searched for a lot every single day… I cant remember the exact figure but still. I then used the software to see if the exact domain name was available in a .com and it was so I snapped it up.

I bought and spent 4 hours with drupal and phpbay building and e commerce site. once the site was built I just got a few backlinks and made sure I w3as using the correct keywords as shown by Market Samurai and BANG!!! the site started making money three days later!

After the first month it had already made £500 and all this for like maximum of 5 hours work…. this is the power of market samurai!

Try Market Samurai now for free!

But best of all its not just a one hit wonder I have found many fantastic niches with it I am producing about 2 sites a week at the moment exploiting un-tapped niches and making some exceptionally good money!

I really cannot sing my praises highly enough and I am not even started using the many other features that Market samurai offers! I am just flat out building niche sites and consulting for companies.

With this software alone you will make some fantastic money and even when I first bought it many years ago now it was just a keyword tool but now its phenomenal actually the best £67 I have ever spent! I would pay £200 a month for what it does!

If you don’t believe me at how powerful Market Samurai is then take a look at there free no obligation trial and see for yourself as to what it can do!

The Market Samurai support is fantastic and they have a lot of videos which take you by the hand to show you how to maximise the usage of the Market Samurai software.

I absolutely love Market Samurai!!!

Try Market Samurai now for free!